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Film on World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism The purpose of the film is to create awareness of how tourism can have positive consequences for local communities in developing countries. The project is a part of NWHFs focus on sustainable tourism and World Heritage.
The film reached approximately 270 million viewers

Film on World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

Making tourism a tool for development is a challenge in developing countries. Income from tourism can secure sustainable management of natural and cultural resources. Several recent studies by WWF, UNEP, UNDP, NWHF and IUCN show that the tourism industry can contribute significantly to this end if planned in a responsible way.

If we continue to ignore the expanding tourism industry, it will be at the peril of the environment and the world's cultural diversity. The costs will be most significant for those communities that are least able to carry them.

What price paradise?
With funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Taurus Foundation, NWHF produced a film called "What price paradise?" highlighting the relationship between tourism and development. It was taped at the World Heritage site Lamu and at the natural reserve of Masai Mara in Kenya in February 2005.

The 23 minutes long film was broadcast as a part of BBC World/ Earth Report series five times in March 2005 reaching approximately 270 million viewers. The film was also shown at a side event at the UNEP conference "The Global Ministerial Environment Forum" in Dubai in 2005.

Project sheet

Objective: Produce a film to increase awareness of sustainable tourism and World Heritage. 

Project status: Completed

Project duration: 3 years (2004-2006)

Partner: BBC

Donors: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Taurus Foundation